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Academic staff

Professor Gary Higgs: is currently Director of the GIS Research Centre and a co-Director of the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) at USW. Over-arching research interests are in the application of GIS in social and environmental studies, most recently in the areas of health geography, environmental justice and emergency planning.

Dr David Kidner: has worked extensively in the areas of digital terrain modelling and spatial data compression. Current research topics include GIS/GPS integration and 3D modelling of spatial phenomena (with as special interest in high resolution laser scanning).

Dr Mitch Langford: current research interests include dasymetric mapping, population modelling, and geospatial analysis within the fields of healthcare, social equality and environmental justice.

Dr Mark Ware: – is an Associate Professor in GIS. His research interests include automated map generalization, GIS-based optimzation algorithms, GIS and disaster management, spatial data structures, Open Source GIS and ethical surveillance.

Dr Nathan Thomas: – completed a PhD in automated cartography working with the Ordnance Survey. He is a qualified CAA commercial drone pilot. His research interests currently focus on the use of UAVs for surveying, photography and mapping.

Doctoral students and thesis titles

Mitchell Eboigbe: Remote sensing for coastal management

Hamzeh Aldwairy: Low cost remote sensing for environmental management

Steve Williams: Ethical surveillance – Smart technology for dementia support in the community

Richard Williams: Developing open source tools and support materials to measure geographical accessibility to screening and cancer support services

Andrew Price: Enhancing our understanding of access to sporting facilities in Wales through geospatial analyses