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PhD student: Mitchell Eboigbe

Nigerian-born Mitchell Eboigbe is studying for a PhD in Geoinformatics, after previously studying a Masters in GIS. Mitchell is a member of the Drone Research and Environmental GIS group.

"My PhD has made me infinitely more skilled and employable. It has equipped me with in-depth analytical skills in digital photogrammetry and computing. I am now able to develop new techniques for data collection and data analysis which are sought after in industry and vital for research.


"In Nigeria, I was lecturing in land surveying, remote sensing, and photogrammetry. I decided that a masters would give me new skills in precise and faster data collection required in digital photogrammetry and topographical surveys.  

"I chose to study in USW because of its strong GIS and computing team. USW had a good research ranking in the UK with consistent student satisfaction. USW is a very friendly and supportive place to study. I came to do a Masters and chose to stay here for my PhD.


"To be honest, I knew very little about Wales before my studies! I've found Welsh people to be very friendly and accommodating, and there is a strong University community that my family and I appreciate."

Mitchell Eboigbe is studying for a PhD in Geoinformatics